A tentative footnote for my sci-fi adventure series (untitled)

     Now, I know what many of you are thinking.  Alcohol?  Couldn't they have come up with anything better by then?  The answer of course is yes.  In 2145, Donald Stink,  a young college drop-out and self-proclaimed scientist attempted to create a polymer for the heels of his sneakers, which were consistently wearing out before their counterparts.  Little did he know that this was a planned obsolescence dating back to Chuck Taylor himself (his Hoosier rube-nature was merely a convenient front), in order to sell more shoes and create a rich consumer-based anxiety that other corporations would soon emulate; this to fuel their addiction to inflicting pain, murder, and money of course.  In doing so Mr. Stink created an adhesive that, when placed on the skin, would create for the skin-owner a type of euphoria similar to that of a bong rip and/or a can-crack of Bud.  The “glew,” as it would soon be known on the sky-streets (scientifically, it was known as Cyanacralate  #12 [si-an-ak-ril-ate]), became an easily obtained recreational party drug, popular among college "bros," dirty "betties" and "mom-dads" alike.  The act -- “Stinking” as it was called, named after its inventor of course, was banned in 2212, though it is still commonly made in dorm-pod-bath-tubs, and most members of planet Sober had dabbled in it at one time or another.