The Fight

     There's something to be said about the gusto of my generation (and, I suppose in instances, this applies to the ones that have come before); and though that something may not be applicable to certain situations... Yes tis true, we watch too much television and eat Apple Jacks with half and half, BUT, we also do not give up.  We are the "initial millennials!" That's right, people wish to group us in, or stick us under the umbrella that is the "millennials," but we'll have none of it! We were first. We had Nintendo (8 bit) in grade school, not a Motorola Razor.  We had a Gamegear in middle school, not a laptop.  And if we were lucky we may have had access to a computer lab in high school, not a personal one at home with all the bells and whistles, and boops and bips.  But do not count us "I M's" out; because we can fight back against the current, we can fight the hand that time has dealt us, and we can fight to create a website from a customizable user-friendly template.  Yes, we can fight.  Tis gusto my contemporaries, and we have it by the hard-plastic bushel.